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Straya Drive

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We developed the Straya Drive to help guitarists achieve a Stacked Marshall sound from a single pedal.

The right hand side of the pedal is an overdrive with pronounced mid frequencies. It has two clipping options – Asymmetrical/Symmetrical. On the left, there is a distortion which takes influence from the Marshall Gov’nor and alike.

Both sides have Volume, tone and drive controls and two clipping options.

Another one of our pedals with artwork from Pascal D’bras. Check out his other work here.

We have used a powder coated and UV printed 1590BB2 enclosure.

95mm x 125mm x 63mm

Uses 9V negative center power supply.

Weight 0.45 kg
Dimensions 10.5 × 15.5 × 8 cm

5 reviews for Straya Drive

  1. Matty Lane

    This pedal is simply the best. Totally versatile, 808 ish, Guv’nor ish … WOW … Don’t look past this. This is the one!

  2. JC

    Super happy with my purchase. I played several big name duel drive pedals before trying this one. The Straya drive is as good or better then the others and it’s super well built and it’s made in Australia!
    Mark was really easy to deal with and was happy to answers the questions I had.
    If you want a gov’nor style drive and a tube screamer style drive in one. Do it!

  3. Jon

    I’ve had this pedal for a couple of weeks and I’m really lovin it. Still experimenting with all the combos between distortion and overdrive but regardless of that, the grunt it gives my sound is making all the difference compared to others I’ve used. I’ve got a few guitars that all go through a marshall dsl 15 ,so not gigging but it makes the mancave sound shit hot

  4. Paul Wright

    Before we talk about the sound if thing, let’s just take a moment to enjoy the amazing artwork. Discovering the almost hidden Drop Bear is an extra bonus.
    Now for the sound.
    The 808 first gain stage is beautifully balanced and will give you that light thickening of your tone at low gain, and crunching up to and into distortion when cranked. At all stages it has that gorgeous rich and rounded overdrive sound which you can just dial in to taste.
    The guv’nor second stage on left gives you that cranked Marshall tone and sounds faithful to second amp channels. Like the 808 side, it sounds great on it’s own.
    Funtime happens when you feed the 808 into the Guv’nor side and blow the lid off this thing. It absolutely rips.
    Play around with the asymmetric to symmetric clipping toggles in either side of the pedal and you have tonal options galore.

    I also run Kink’s Stab Zone distortion pedal after it for an all out gain frenzy. You can use the 808 side as your sole overdrive to run into any subsequent distortion pedal to drive it into the sonic abyss while giving you variety in your high gain sounds as you can overdrive the onboard guv’nor, or another flavour of distortion afterwards.

    I’d also recommend trying out a second OD of any flavour you choose at light breakup before the Straya drive to turn the Straya’s 808 side into a balls out gain monster of it’s own, and then embrace the carnage of stomping in the Guv’nor side on top.

    Maybe treat yourself to a Kink Femtaur to try it out.

    Overall, just an amazing pedal with loads of versatility and customisation to suit pretty much any OD and distortion needs. And for any metal players out there, yes, the Staya Drive absolutely will chug.

  5. Craig

    perfect combo of Guvnor and 808 that can be tweaked to perfection.Great looking pedal that sounds and functions well on any board.

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