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Russian Plague

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Introducing the Russian Plague – a must-have for doom players seeking ultimate tone. We’ve closely monitored the gear favored by doom players, and the result is extraordinary. We’ve combined a modified Turbo Rat circuit with an untouched Civil War Muff circuit. When you engage the true bypass foot switches, you’ll experience an unparalleled sustain and a colossal fuzz that lasts for days. Whether you prefer stacking a distortion into a fuzz or vice versa, the Russian Plague offers versatile options. With a simple toggle switch, you can customize the order of these effects to suit your preferences.
Adorned with stunning artwork by All Things Rotten, each pedal comes in a durable powder-coated and UV printed 1590BB2 enclosure measuring 95mm x 125mm x 63mm.
Get ready to unleash the power of the Russian Plague with a 9V negative center power supply. Experience the ultimate in doom player’s tone with this extraordinary pedal.



Weight .520 kg
Dimensions 10.5 × 15.5 × 8 cm

16 reviews for Russian Plague

  1. Sean McQueen

    Best fuzz on my board. Super aggressive fuzz, versatile overdrive, and they sound whoom when together. Would recommend very highly. Great pedal.

  2. Hughesy

    And absolute sludge is bloody right, this thing paired my with my Orange amps is pure doom heaven!
    The muff side gets you the classic doom tones likening to mastodon, sleep, bongzilla and when dialed back has a nice classic fuzz that’s great for rocking out to some grunge other fuzz rock or punk tones.
    The modded Rat side is incredible on it’s own, I have to admit I was a bit skeptical of it since I went out of my way to get an old eat years ago and couldn’t gel with it but this side is amazing for that sweeped or mid scooped kinda tone, this side I also found to be able to manipulate more with my amps EQ.
    Now for the main course – both sides on together is pure f*cking sludge – paired with an orange amp or a Randall that I’ve used, I’d honestly say its Crowbar in a box, or Corrosion of Conformity, Down or even King Parrot.
    I highly recommend this pedal to all the doom guys out there!
    You can watch my quick demo of video of this pedal on the Kink Guitar Pedals Facebook page.

  3. Dee Dee Firestone – Black The Svn

    Gargantuan tone. Absolutely indispensable to my playing. Fantastic build quality. Love it.

  4. Ryan

    Not only does each side of this pedal sound amazing with all controls set at noon, the tweak-ability and sounds I can get from this are just amazing. The fuzz side is such a full sound I frequently find myself just using this side.
    I would add that the the ” case candy” received was amazing and by far the best I have ever received.
    Lastly its great to find a pedal with LEDs that do not blind the user, this is an underrated but highly sought after feature

  5. Michael

    Fucking fantastic. Mark has made a brilliant sounding and highly versatile Rat Muff. It gives you a great range from super heavy dirty to sweet low distortion/ fuzz. So glad i bought this

  6. Rudy

    Really love both drive channels and the ability to switch which one goes first.
    Great work Kink

  7. Ryan

    Phenomenal heavy pedal. Don’t even use it for heavy stuff, its just convenient to have a muff and a rat in one easy package. Perfect to dial in anything from either of those 2, and the fact they stack to well is the perfect extra. Another fantastic pedal

  8. Timmy Smalls

    Fuzz to die for. Fat distortion that makes my Telecaster turn into Godzilla, but when you stack them it’s hell on Earth. One of my fav pedals on my board and I love supporting local talent!!

  9. Serdy

    This pedal is the best that I have own!

  10. Ekul

    Fantastic pedal, love that you am an switch the circuit to stack it differently

  11. Tim S

    Wow! I am blown away at how fuzzy this pedal is, oh maaaaan! Plugged it in, put everything at 12 then switched pedal on and it instantly put a big smile on my face, as soon as I engaged the RAT circuit as well, wowzers! this just screamed play some DOOM for me!!!!
    Big fan, awesome pedal thanks for sending the order out so fast as well!

  12. Darin

    Love it. Quickly becoming my favorite pedal.

  13. Herbert Planter (verified owner)

    Easily one of the best doom pedals i’ve ever played, the perfect combination of two of my fav circuits. Mark definetly “gets it” as a builder. Highly recommend to anyone. The order switch is a great feature and the two circuits together sound monstrous and the artwork is amazing too, I was surprised how compact and stylish the pedal actually looks!

  14. Steve (verified owner)

    Great pedal, very versatile with the order switch, each sids alone is great, stacked they are farkin’ huge… Primitive Man huge. I’ve had some interesting results running it into an OD (a Direwolf) too. This thing has resulted in several of my other fuzz pedals being sold.

  15. Rich (verified owner)

    Absolutely awesome pedal- I’m still experimenting with it, from reversing the order to running pre/post wah, I keep finding new sounds. The only thing I have a problem with is forgetting which knob is which as they aren’t labeled. Probably more to do with me being old than anything…. Maybe some sort of label on the actual knob so it won’t detract from the awesome artwork? Dunno, but regardless it’s still my favourite pedal

  16. Ruination

    I have one, and it is a mainstay on my Pedal Board. Although now it’s strictly used in the Studio. Fantastic Pedal, Fantastic Service, and I have two other Pedals I’m having Modded, and totally rebuilt. Could not be happier with the service, and they actually listen to what the Customer wants..

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