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Russian Plague

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The Russian Plague is a doom players dream come true.

We have been following the gear that doom players have been using for some time now…

This is the result. A modified Turbo Rat circuit stacked into an untouched Civil war Muff circuit. what comes out when up slam down on those true bypass foot switches, is a massive, sustain for days, fuzz! Whether you love stacking a distortion into a fuzz, or a fuzz into a distortion, the Russian Plague has you covered. The toggle switch on the top of the pedal will allow you to stack these effects in whatever order you like.

Artwork on this pedal was completed by All Things Rotten. Check them out here.

We have used a powder coated and UV printed 1590BB2 enclosure.

95mm x 125mm x 63mm

Uses 9V negative center power supply.


Weight 0.45 kg
Dimensions 10.5 × 15.5 × 8 cm

12 reviews for Russian Plague

  1. Sean McQueen

    Best fuzz on my board. Super aggressive fuzz, versatile overdrive, and they sound whoom when together. Would recommend very highly. Great pedal.

  2. Hughesy

    And absolute sludge is bloody right, this thing paired my with my Orange amps is pure doom heaven!
    The muff side gets you the classic doom tones likening to mastodon, sleep, bongzilla and when dialed back has a nice classic fuzz that’s great for rocking out to some grunge other fuzz rock or punk tones.
    The modded Rat side is incredible on it’s own, I have to admit I was a bit skeptical of it since I went out of my way to get an old eat years ago and couldn’t gel with it but this side is amazing for that sweeped or mid scooped kinda tone, this side I also found to be able to manipulate more with my amps EQ.
    Now for the main course – both sides on together is pure f*cking sludge – paired with an orange amp or a Randall that I’ve used, I’d honestly say its Crowbar in a box, or Corrosion of Conformity, Down or even King Parrot.
    I highly recommend this pedal to all the doom guys out there!
    You can watch my quick demo of video of this pedal on the Kink Guitar Pedals Facebook page.

  3. Dee Dee Firestone – Black The Svn

    Gargantuan tone. Absolutely indispensable to my playing. Fantastic build quality. Love it.

  4. Ryan

    Not only does each side of this pedal sound amazing with all controls set at noon, the tweak-ability and sounds I can get from this are just amazing. The fuzz side is such a full sound I frequently find myself just using this side.
    I would add that the the ” case candy” received was amazing and by far the best I have ever received.
    Lastly its great to find a pedal with LEDs that do not blind the user, this is an underrated but highly sought after feature

  5. Michael

    Fucking fantastic. Mark has made a brilliant sounding and highly versatile Rat Muff. It gives you a great range from super heavy dirty to sweet low distortion/ fuzz. So glad i bought this

  6. Rudy

    Really love both drive channels and the ability to switch which one goes first.
    Great work Kink

  7. Ryan

    Phenomenal heavy pedal. Don’t even use it for heavy stuff, its just convenient to have a muff and a rat in one easy package. Perfect to dial in anything from either of those 2, and the fact they stack to well is the perfect extra. Another fantastic pedal

  8. Timmy Smalls

    Fuzz to die for. Fat distortion that makes my Telecaster turn into Godzilla, but when you stack them it’s hell on Earth. One of my fav pedals on my board and I love supporting local talent!!

  9. Serdy

    This pedal is the best that I have own!

  10. Ekul

    Fantastic pedal, love that you am an switch the circuit to stack it differently

  11. Tim S

    Wow! I am blown away at how fuzzy this pedal is, oh maaaaan! Plugged it in, put everything at 12 then switched pedal on and it instantly put a big smile on my face, as soon as I engaged the RAT circuit as well, wowzers! this just screamed play some DOOM for me!!!!
    Big fan, awesome pedal thanks for sending the order out so fast as well!

  12. Johnny Moronic

    So I’ve had this pedal a while before posting a review. Been able to put it through its paces in many scenarios and it holds up like a champ. I only really have one issue with the pedal, it’s minor, and I’ll get to it at the end.

    The muff side of this pedal is one of the best sounding muffs I’ve played. I have a 90s black russian, a 2000s ehx nyc, a JHS crimson and a Stone Deaf Fig Fumb and aside from the Fig Fumb (cause it has a parametric eq so the comparison is unfair) this is the best sounding one. Sometimes it’s a close call but it was obvious to me as soon as I A/Bed them. Muffs are one trick ponies so as soon as you hear the amount of sustain and splatter, combined with frequency response and voicing of the tone sweep you know how well it hits the sweet spot, this is a good one.

    The rat side is more dependent on taste and how you need to use it. I’ve noticed players who use rats have a strong preference for which types of rats, rat mods and rat clones they prefer. If your favourite flavour of rat is “turbo” flavoured then you probably won’t gel with this guy so good, or it’ll take some getting used to. If you’re into brighter, trashier vintage punk tones you’ll be right at home. It’s like the tonal equivalent of a Troma movie; shit tonne of character and charm, super trashy, not everyone’s cup of tea, some people’s favourite cup of tea. I recommend checking out youtube clips of rat shootouts if you’re not sure what you’re looking for in a rat pedal.

    The toggle switch to flip the pedal order is a necessity but could easily have been overlooked, so I’m glad it’s there. The usefulness is obvious, although you can get some on the fly flexibility out of it too. In the middle of a feedback jam facemelt every-pedal-on freakout you can flip the switch and instantly brighten or darken or mid boost a whole bunch of harmonic content (depending which pedal you were running first to begin with). So that’s pretty cool.

    The last really cool thing is also linked to the thing that bugs me most about the pedal; The Big Giant Volume Knobs.
    I fucking love The Big Giant Volume Knobs… the only problem is that they’re not stiff enough (not on my model anyway, things may have changed, shoot em an email if what I’m about to say concerns you). They travel really, really easily. Like if you move across stage and your guitar lead bumps them they might move kind of easily. Also they move too easily to make fine adjustments with the old skate shoe which defeats the brilliance of having them there in the first place. You step on a pedal, it’s slightly too loud or too soft, quick nudge and you’re good to go, but on my pedal it’s too easy to overshoot your mark so I bend down and adjust by hand more often than not. It’s easy to fix and an easy update to the design so if any of you players out there want the pots to offer up a bit of resistance when you turn them so that you can better fine tune levels in the middle of gig situations then I recommend shooting through an email just to ask what’s up? Customer service is great and friendly so if you need to know, they’ll tell you.

    Lastly, not sure if this is still a thing but the extra details and treats boxed in with the pedal were a nice touch. Guitar pick, sticker, a rock and roll trading card that could have been Iggy Pop, or Marty Friedman… but in my case was Dave “The Snake” Sabo from Skid Row. Still a nice gesture regardless.

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