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Charlie Fuzz

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The pedal that started it all…

The Charlie Fuzz is a dead simple silicon one knob fuzz, with an internal trim pot for bias. Based of the awesome Colorsound one knob fuzz, all squashed into a small, pedalboard friendly package.

We’ve used a powder coated and UV printed,  pedalboard friendly 1590A enclosure.

93mm x 39mm x 50

Uses 9V negative center power supply.

Weight 0.35 kg
Dimensions 10.3 × 7.8 × 7.7 cm

6 reviews for Charlie Fuzz

  1. Nathan B

    Awesome fuzz pedal! Does what you need it to do very well, be a blistering fuzz! Super simple to use and tiny footprint to make it fit in any small spot. Bias control inside is awesome to play with if I want to Change the sound too. Super easy to control with your foot on the fly during gigs! Thank you!

  2. Pete

    Fantastic. Such a simple fuzz – don’t fuss with dials, just turn it on and play!!

  3. James Debrecen

    This is my favorite fuzz pedal because it is small and can go from warm and fuzzy to loud and grainy. There is a gain trim pot inside so you can set the smoothness of the fuzz when using the single knob. It’s so evil that the transistors have to be biased at 6.66Volts!!!

  4. Karl Myers

    I recently purchased the Charlie. I could not be happier with the pedal and the service that Mark provided.
    This pedal is a beast one knob is all you go out and buy yourself one of these Charlie Fuzz pedals you will not be disappointed.
    Thank you so much kink pedals you guys are bloody amazing.

  5. Phil De Carlo

    Fuzz doesn’t come much better than this. I’m thinking of getting the two knob version too!

  6. Jay

    If you are wanting a thick heavy fuzz.., this is it. Smooth, loud, nasty.
    A great fuzz

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