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The Femtaur is a recreation of the iconic Klon Centaur. We have tried to keep the Femtaur as true to the original as possible, with High quality components, including vintage D9E Russian Germanium diodes. Also uses a TC1044SCPA IC to increase internal voltage to 18V DC.

We have used a powder coated and UV printed 1590BB2 enclosure.

125mm x 95mm x 63mm

Uses 9V negative center power supply.

Weight 0.45 kg
Dimensions 10.5 × 15.5 × 8 cm

5 reviews for Femtaur

  1. Rohan

    I had my doubts about the whole klone circus, but yeah, this pedal sounds pretty bloody good, especially once I got it to rehearsal. I feel like it’s going to be a keeper that will adapt to whatever evolution my rig and pedal board goes through in the future. A true tone catalyst.

  2. Jospeh Kimmel

    This pedal more than lives up to expectations. The moment I added it to my pedalboard everything took on a new life. There is such nice warm enhancement of my already existing tone when it is in the chain that can only really be truly explained by experiencing it. and, for an added bonus, this thing is beautiful.

  3. Adrian

    I have had this pedal for about 5 weeks now and it is by far the best clone of a klon I have used it has that magic that does something to your sound. Stacked with the Stabzone it is unf@#$believable. Great work.

  4. James Debrecen

    This Klon Clone Kink Femtaur is a great pedal on it’s own, but is the secret sauce when stacked with another overdrive. I use it on a subtle setting before my Marshall Super Lead style overdrive to give it a little more bite. The Femtaur introduces a fuller sound and more sustain without coloring your tone too much. Turn up the gain and lower the output to taste and you’re in solo heaven.
    Do yourself a favor, put a Kink in your chain today!

  5. Phil De Carlo (verified owner)

    The day I got this, I knew it had to go on my pedal board straight away! It’s become one of my “always on” pedals and it makes everything sound so much better!

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