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Atomic Spaghetti Plus



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Meet the Atomic Spaghetti Plus, the Aussie-built guitar pedal that brings a triple-threat of effects to your fingertips. Forge your sound with its dynamic overdrive, shape pulsating rhythms with its adjustable tremolo, and immerse your melodies in the atmospheric reverb.
*Overdrive: Crank up the volume, fine-tune the tone, and set the gain for everything from a light crunch to full-blown distortion.
*Tremolo: Customize with rate, wave shape, and blend controls, plus an internal volume trim pot for perfect effect balance.
*Reverb: Choose between a reflective Plate or a modulated Hall reverb with easy-to-use damping, decay, and blend dials.
Power up with a simple 9V negative tip PSU. The Atomic Spaghetti Plus is a powerhouse of versatile effects, crafted for the discerning player right here in Australia.


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Dimensions 15 × 12 × 4 cm


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