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The Stab Zone….. How did it happen?

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We have been a long time fan of the band Mogwai. I had heard many times that they used a Danelectro Fab Tone distortion to achieve their wall of sound (I don’t know how true this is…). I noticed a Fab Tone show up on market place and had to purchase it.

There are now seven Fab Tone pedals in the collection, I’m a little obsessed. They range from very beaten up, to as new in box.

After I made modifications to  a Fab Tone, I decided it would be a great idea to make modifications to make it a part of the Kink range.

The first change I made to the original were to the clipping diodes. The Fab Tone has Symmetrical clipping, but I really like Asymmetrical clipping. I then made changes to the frequencies that were being boosted. I found that a boost at 120Hz and 3kHz gave the low and upper mid frequencies we wanted. The standard tone stack was also modified slightly.

How did the name come about?

Well, most of you would have picked up that Stab Zone sounds somewhat like Fab Tone, but Stab Zone was not the first idea we had. The original idea was going to be called to Scab Thrown, with the idea of some sort of zombie king sitting on a thrown. That idea was short lived though. Stab Zone was the next idea that came to mind.

We have two primary artists we use for our artwork. Pascal D’bras & All Things Rotten. In this case we believed ATR would be the best option for a horror themed piece of art. Below you can see the progress of the artwork. 

Design in progress

Since its inception, the Stab Zone has provided some killer distortion, and even bordering on fuzz…. Check out this demo from Pedals & Chill. This video really show how versatile this pedal can be. 

The Stab Zone holds a special place with us. As long time fans of Thrash and Death metal, it will always be on variations of our personal pedalboard. 


We were even lucky enough to have the one and only Ola Englund do a quick demo on one of his SWOLA vids. Demo at 13:45 in the below video. Needless to say, this made our day.  

Head to one of our dealers and try one out for yourself. Or, grab one direct from us. 

If you happen to see one of the original Danelectro Fab Tones come up for sale, I would recomend it. 



The Fab Tone by Danelectro